Here are details of my basic range of treatments. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to ask about any options.

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With all of these treatments it is best to allow some time before the session to prepare and afterwards to ground yourself. So while a treatment might be described as lasting one hour I suggest you call it an hour and a half.

Full Treatment
(duration 1 hour)  $75.OO
I channel Reiki to all parts of your body while you lie back and relax. Allow a total of one and a half hours for preparation,treatment and aftercare. Some people feel they benefit by the placement of  Crystals at their main Chakra Points. This can be provided at no extra charge.

Head and Shoulder Treatment
(Duration 30 minutes)   $35.00
For the busy person who needs a quick fix this seated treatment is ideal. The Reiki energy is channelled through your head and shoulders.

Distant Treatment for a Friend or Relative
(Duration 30 minutes)  $35.00
You may feel that a loved one could benefit from a Reiki treatment but that they cannot get to the treatment room. In that case a distant treatment can be sent in your presence.

Hot Stone Massage
(duration 1 hour 30 minutes) $150.00
Are you in need of something to help you relax, relieve muscle tension, or make you forget about your rough day? If so, then a hot stone massage, also known as hot stone therapy, may be the solution you have been looking for. 

Hot stone therapy is perfect for achieving mental wellness. Basalt stones, polished, hardened lava rocks, are heated by water in an electric roaster. The heated stones are then placed strategically along pressure points to help melt away tension creating a calming atmosphere.

Gift Vouchers
If you feel that Reiki has worked wonders on you why not give the ideal gift to a friend or relative? ( Perfect for the Holidays)

Reiki treatments are given with the intention to release worry, tension and emotional upset. By balancing and dispersing the energy that may have gathered around your head harmony can be achieved.

Balancing the Chakras can be very beneficial and is a natural part of Reiki treatment.

If you lack energy and are feeling under the weather Reiki can provide the very fillip you need.