Frequently Asked Questions

1    Is Reiki always practiced by physical contact?

It usually is but not always. Some people prefer not to be touched and
the practitioner "hovers" over your body. Whatever way you choose, 
the energy does its work. Reiki energy is channelled by good intent and
compassion.  Naturally,  practitioners are discreet and with all clients it
is normal for them to work "hands-off"when and where that should
be expected. 

Treatment can also be given on a "Distant Healing" basis where the
practitioner sends healing energy to you, a friend or loved one.

2     How is Reiki given?

Usually you lie on a massage couch, fully clothed and, if you wish, covered
in a blanket. You shut your eyes and relax.  The practitioner will channel 
energy to all parts of your body. Much of this is done through the head
before moving down the body to the feet. You will find the process amazingly
relaxing. Even if you fall asleep (which happens) the Universal Life-force
Energy does its subtle work. Afterwards the practitioner will "bring you
back to earth".

A couch is used purely for your comfort and that of the practitioner:
bending forward in one's work can become uncomfortable. Reiki can
also be given with the client sat in a chair or on a floor mat if they so wish. 

3     What will I feel?

As already stated, you will feel incredibly relaxed. It is not uncommon,
even in summer, to feel cold. You will be offered a blanket. You may well 
feel yourself dozing off. Do not worry: enjoy the rest. Usually the
practitioner's hands feel warm: sometimes very warm. Some clients do
not notice this but the treament still works.

4     Are there any side effects?

Unlike in some manipulative, exercise or massage therapies no bruising is
caused . Sometimes, a client may feel "spaced out" immediately after a 
treatment. The practitioner will show you how to "ground" yourself and
suggest that you drink some water before you leave and will suggest that 
you do this for the next few days.  Occasionally, the clearing of negative
energies from your mind and body can bring up emotional or physical 
issues but, of course, this is part of the healing process in every known
form of treatment. The release of symptoms opens the road to healing.

          a. For example some people experience a worsening of their
             The boost to your natural healing systems go into temporary

An old mild illness reappears.
             This is typical of detoxification. Headaches, runny noses,
              looseness of the bowel or tiredness are common when negative
"toxins" are made to leave the body. Rest is sensible after
              Reiki treatment THOUGH many people find that they get a 
              huge boost of new vigour. We are all different. 

5     Is Reiki religious?

No. Reiki transcends all religions. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki,
was a Tendai Buddhist monk, but that is as far as it goes. The energies
used in Reiki are used as part of the spiritual practice of most religions
and of oriental martial arts. If you wish to invoke the spirits of your
deity or belief you are perfectly free to do so and may find it blesses
and strengthens your Reiki.

6      How many treatments will I need?

To use the old cliché: how long is a piece of string? Reiki is a cumulative
force and becomes stronger the more you experience it. It is not a cure 
all. It will not switch off infection or malignancy and is not a replacement
for medical treatment in acute illness. What it does do is strengthen the 
mind, body and spirit which can often boost the body's natural healing
processes. The emotional support that Reiki can yield is very powerful 
indeed. Four healing sessions at weekly intervals can often be wonderful
with stress related problems like anxiety and sleeplessness. Physical 
problems may take longer. The wonder of Reiki is that many people come
to it needing a pick-me-up or alternatively for calming and they continue 
it with others at "Reiki Shares" where like-minded people work  on each
other as a group or pursue the study of Reiki themselves.